In 2014, the worldwide mobile learning market amounted to $8.4 billion dollars and is expected to grow 11.3%, reaching more than $14 billion dollars by 2019, according to “The 2014-2019 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market” report by Ambient Insight.

The report confirms that mobile learning is the most rapidly evolving sector in the global learning technology industry. This is undeniable considering that, according to the report, in 2019 mobile learning market revenues will double in 66 of the 119 countries analysed and triple in 32 countries.

Not only will there be increased revenues from mobile learning, but the top buying countries will also undergo changes in the coming years. In 2014, the top 5 buying mobile learning countries were the US, China, India, Japan and South Korea, while in 2019 the top buying country will be China, followed by the US, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

In terms of growth, Africa, Latin America and Asia are the regions expected to have the highest growth rates throughout the 2014-2019 forecast period. While 37 of the 119 countries analysed in the report will have growth rates exceeding 20%, 24 countries will experience growth rates below 5% and 6 countries will have flat-to-negative growth.

Although the catalysts for mobile learning are different for each country, there are some clear global trends driving growth in this market:

  • Countries leapfrogging legacy learning products
  • Rise in the demand for mobile learning services
  • Strong consumer demand for mobile learning content
  • Adoption of tablets in the consumer and academic segments
  • Rapid innovation of new mobile learning product types

Do you want to know more about this trend? Find the full report here.

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