What do you want to be when you grow up? No doubt you were asked this question hundreds of times and your answer included the words “I’d like”… but have you ever thought about what working in certain professions means? For example, if you consider yourself to be an introverted person, are you sure that you could work in public relations?

Everyone has their own personality, i.e. the way they are and the way they do things. This means that they can adapt better to certain jobs. So if you like to do different things every day, you probably wouldn’t be able to do a routine job, such as a financial analyst.

The psychologist John Holland has put forward six defined groups, each of which represents a given personality type which suits specific occupations:

Realist: These are simple and practical people who enjoy using tools, machinery and even working with animals. Among the professions that suit such people best are dentist, vet, pilot, mechanic and even chef.

Artistic: People with this type of personality have a lot of creativity and imagination. Professions such as designers, writers, musicians or architects are the ones which best match this profile. In addition, in the current job market there is great demand for those with a technological bent with a certain “artistic” side, i.e. profiles such as web and graphic designers or in animation.

Conventional: These are very organized individuals who prefer to follow guidelines and rules in the tasks that they carry out. Profiles such as systems analysts, financial analysts, pharmacists or doctors come within this group.

Researcher: Are you a curious person? Do you like analyzing data and resolving problems? If the answer is “yes”, the professions for you include chemistry or physics researchers, professions concerning finance or accounting, mathematicians or biologists.

Sociable: If you want to relate to people, help them to learn or look after themselves, your career options include psychology, teaching, journalism or nursing.

Entrepreneur: Are you able to see the potential of a business idea? Do you consider yourself to be an adventurous and impulsive person? Within this group are lawyers, those working in public relations or marketing and, of course, those with an entrepreneurial spirit who decide to set up their own business.

Which personality type do you indentify with? And what’s your profession?

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