Nowadays, many companies make use of the possibilities offered to them by new technologies and choose to carry out their first interviews in their selection processes by videoconferences. This offers the recruiting company, amongst other things, greater flexibility in terms of when they schedule the interview or the possibility of recording the selection tests.

Although it could seem that videoconference interviews are easier than those where you have to be physical present, the fact is that there are certain things which must be borne in mind to ensure they go smoothly. The secret for ensuring a successful videoconference interview is to prepare it as if it were a personal interview. With this in mind, we’ve set out below some recommendations:

  • Dress correctly. Although the interview takes place in your room, you must dress correctly as if it were a person-to-person interview. Forget your pyjamas or your dressing gown. As already mentioned in our blog, you have to choose carefully what you wear and the colours you use. Don’t wear clothes that are too striking but bear in mind the background colour; if the wall is white, choose a shirt of another colour to avoid a ”floating head” effect.
  • Prepare the scene. Choose the place in the house where the interview will take place. Bear in mind that it must be organised and well lit so that the interviewer won’t have any difficulty seeing you. Look for a quiet place, without background noise that may distract you or the interviewer.
  • Avoid interruptions. Warn those who you live with of the interview day, time and place so that they don’t suddenly appear at the wrong moment.
  • Technical tests. Nobody can prevent last-minute hitches but before the interview ensure that the sound and image are working properly and that no computer program is updating, for example, which could cause a distraction.
  • It’s an interview… be prepared! Although it’s not a person-to-person interview, you’ll need to be prepared. Look for information about the company, check your CV, prepare possible questions and answers, etc.
  • Correct attitude. Check your posture; if you’re too relaxed this could suggest a lack of interest – the interviewer may even think that you’re rude. Avoid looking at your watch all the time, fiddling with an object or shifting around in your seat. Sit with your back straight and adopt a relaxed body position. Be careful how you speak; your voice should be clear, audible, confident and transmit security.
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