The most recent data for Spain continue to be positive and reflect a positive trend as regards employment. In March, more than 17 million people are registered as working, according to the figures announced by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

In this context, Adecco, world leader in human resources management, has highlighted the sectors with the best employment prospects in Spain in order to guide those who are looking for work in 2016, in the VIIth Adecco Report, Where can you find work if you are unemployed?



The Automotive sector has been one of the best-performing areas over the last year and, according to Adecco Automotive, process engineers will be one of the most sought-after profiles. The work of these professionals consists in defining the process to improve the competitiveness of plants and providing support to the design department to improve vehicle quality and productivity.

Candidates seeking these posts must have a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering. In addition, being bilingual in English is considered to be an asset. Among the most wanted skills for such positions are being a good communicator and strong on interpersonal relationships, having leadership qualities, being trustworthy, self-motivated and persuasive.



The IT sector is continuously changing and, according to Adecco IT, the most-sought after technological profile this year is that of programmer-analyst, whose duties are programming and analysing programming and information.

Those seeking such a post must have a degree in computer engineering or a Higher Professional Training Qualification. Programmers must also be proactive, able to self-learn and have strong analytical capacity, as well as to work in a team and to be responsible for goals-based projects.



Within the Pharmaceutical Industry, Adecco Pharmaceutical Chemical has detected that the Market Access profile will be one of the most in demand in the market. This job involves knowing how the structure of the pharmaceutical market and the health industry stakeholders at both the national and regional level.

As well as the position of Market Access Technician, that of Product Manager has become vital in the sector, since the duties of those holding such jobs include cooperating with the Marketing Manager in order to create, define and implement the marketing plan for the products that they are responsible for and identifying and proposing new business opportunities through Key Opinion Leaders.

Market Access Technicians need to have studied Health Sciences and specific training in Market Access is especially valued. Product Managers also require a degree in Health Sciences, although higher education qualifications in Marketing or Administration are also perfectly acceptable.

The qualities sought in candidates relate to internal and external communication, interdepartmental leadership, teamwork and the ability to influence and persuade.



The banking and insurance sector is in a process of constant change, given its close connection to variations in the economic and financial system.

Aware of all of these changes, Adecco Banking and Insurance predict that the profile most in demand in 2016 will be that of assistant cashier. This professional is responsible for handling customers in person in the office in order to obtain their satisfaction and/or convince them to become a new client and collaborate with the other members of the team in the management of the office with a view to attaining the budgeted targets. Assistant cashiers also carry out administrative tasks related to their commercial management.

An assistant cashier must have studied banking, business administration, economics, commerce and/or law, and among the most sought-after skills are a desire to work in the sector, being good with customers, having commercial skills and the ability to handle complaints and incidents.



The audiovisual market has recovered ground in recent months due to the increase of large-scale productions, the launch of new TV channels and new Internet formats, plus the fact that the Olympic Games is drawing near.

Given the above, according to Adecco Audiovisual the most sought-after profile in this market in the coming months will be that of production assistant.

A production assistant’s duties include managing, coordinating and providing the technical material and the economic and human resources required to prepare programmes and broadcasts, preparing budgets, and monitoring and controlling the latter; handling the organisation of the programmes or broadcasts in question, from control of the budget to ensuring the broadcast takes place at the scheduled time, resolving any incidents that may arise, etc.

Those seeking work as a production assistant must have Professional Training as a Senior Technician in Audiovisual Production or a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Information Sciences. Given the increase in the services of international productions and the fact that large-scale events are imminent, fluency in English is becoming essential.

Among the skills most valued for this position are the following: the ability to work in a team and being a good communicator, being able to analyse and resolve problems as well as the ability to plan and organise, and finally being committed and able to work flexible hours.



Adecco Healthcare predicts that one of the most-sought after profiles in 2016 will be for those with a University Diploma in Nursing (DUE in its Spanish initials), who specialise in occupational nursing. Those holding this position are entrusted with preparing and administering to users medication and other treatments, as well as keeping registers, applying bandages, taking blood samples, electros, etc.

For this position, a university degree in nursing is required. In addition, the ability to work in a team plus the qualities of leadership and empathy are increasingly valued, although special emphasis is placed on the human side of the profession.



The food industry is increasingly professional, as well as being much more automated and robotised. Manual processes are no longer so important while the processes of verification, maintenance and prevention in manufacturing environments have become more important.

According to Adecco Food, the profile which will be most in demand this year is that of Mechatronics Technician, that is, the person who designs the technological control of mechanical and electronic processes with respect to the production machinery existing in a factory.

For this job, candidates must have a Higher Professional Training or Technical Industrial Engineering qualification. Being organised and able to pay attention to detail are highly valued qualities in those seeking such positions.

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