It’s always been said that every little detail counts … and this is even more so when you are looking for your first internship. But have you ever wondered when is the best moment to register for an internship offer or send your CV?

Although it might seem strange, not every day is a good day to send your CV to companies – let’s see why.

On Saturdays and Sundays you usually have more time to look at job offers or submit your CV to firms that interest you. However, the recipients of these emails are not at work and will not check their inbox until Monday. This means that your email will be among the hundreds that they will have received over the weekend and may be overlooked or even deleted without having been read. Another terrible day for sending your CV is Friday. Why? For various reasons. Most companies have condensed working hours, which means that employees try to finish their work as soon as possible so that they can enjoy their weekend. It is also likely that if those responsible for recruitment have work that has built up over the week, they will want to get on top of these pending matters, resulting in them leaving new emails untouched until Monday. This increases the possibility that on Monday they will eliminate the emails that they don’t consider to be important.

What about Monday? Although you may not think so, this may be the best day to send your CV to firms that interest you or register for an internship offer, if there is no specific registration period. Why? Among other reasons, candidates who apply on this day are less likely to be overlooked by those responsible for recruitment and may be included in the selection process that takes place during the week.

As regards the time of day, although there is no hard and fast rule, avoid sending your CV last thing in the afternoon, since the recipient of your email might not see it until the next day and a lot of emails might build up in his/her inbox over night. So the morning could be a good moment.

Another good time to register for an internship offer or submit your CV is in the holidays. It is during these periods that Human Resources Departments often receive less CVs and that vacancies may arise. This could offer a good opportunity to allow you to join the working world.

Before putting this advice into practice, make sure that you’ve updated both your CV and the covering letter, and that these are in line with the requirements of the offer for which you want to register.

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