Did you know that tablet and smartphone penetration in Spain is 9% higher than the European average?  These devices have become widespread in today’s society and have undoubtedly permeated many, if not all, aspects of daily life. One area in particular in which they have helped us is in access to information and knowledge for personal and professional skills development and training.

A recent study has been conducted to determine how mobile devices are impacting students. The aim of The Impact of Digital Mobile Devices in Higher Education study was twofold: identify the factors that encourage innovation with mobile devices among students; and compare the various factors affecting the adoption of these devices according to the European Higher Education Area’s principles and core competencies.

Conducted by the Department of Didactics and School Management at the UNED’s (Spanish National University of Distance Education) Faculty of Education, the study included the participation of 419 students from three Spanish universities: the University of Oviedo, the Complutense University of Madrid and the UNED.

The study provides an overview of innovation in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) in universities within three key areas: the teaching model, either classroom-based or distance learning; the field of study – humanities, social sciences and sciences; and core skills related to communication, cognitive ability, self-learning and personal relationships.

Key findings of the study include the high level of tablet and smartphone use among students between the ages of 18 and 26 and how the use of such devices has improved their development of transferable skills, such as self-learning, communication, cognitive ability and personal relationships.

Read the full study here.

The study was conducted by Mª Luisa Sevillano-García and Esteban Vázquez Cano from the Department of Didactics and School Management at the UNED’s Faculty of Education.

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