You can’t deny it: you’re crazy about social media and you’re constantly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But be careful what you post if you are looking for an internship. Nowadays, many recruiters ‘watch’ candidates’ profiles and what you post can potentially harm you in a selection process.

It may surprise you to know that more are more companies look for information on their candidates on social networking sites, but the truth is there is a simple explanation. Companies want people who are proven to be responsible. While how you behave with your friends is different than when you’re at work, no employer likes to see compromising pictures of their employees on the Internet.

The following list outlines the main mistakes that you should avoid on your social networking profiles:

  • Don’t lie. LinkedIn is the preeminent network for job hunting. But don’t forget that everything you include in your profile can be seen by former classmates and bosses. So don’t say you did something unless you really did do it.
  • Avoid criticism. We’ve all had bad experiences, but social network sites are not the place to criticise your former colleagues or bosses. Even if you’re right, criticising someone with whom you’ve worked will likely be frowned upon by someone that may be thinking of hiring you.
  • Inappropriate behaviour. You are probably familiar with the saying “words count for nothing”, but on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile, what you ‘say’ could be online forever. Be careful with the way you express yourself and what you say. Avoid being controversial and remember that the rest of the world is watching you.
  • Mind your personal appearance. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and it’s your online calling card. Also, be careful with the pictures you post or share on the Internet. There are likely pictures from the summer that you don’t want your boss to see.
  • Interact.Use social media to your advantage: share information of interest, comment in groups… your social activity will help you to strengthen your personal brand and get a job!

And finally, social networking sites offer different privacy options, so you should make sure you share information and publications only with your friends or followers. There are surely things you don’t want your boss to know. Just remember that your personal life begins when the workday ends.

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