Today’s the day you start a new internship or job. Do you know what to do to make it a huge success? Keep reading to find out about the OIE’s tips on how to do so.

It’s natural that the first day at a new job will elicit fear and anxiety about how you’ll get along with your co-workers and your boss, and even about the work you have been hired to do. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Remember that, at one point or another, everyone has been in the same position. Here are 10 keys to making your first day at work a huge success:

Be confident in yourself. Out of all the candidates, they chose you. Going over all of your qualities and skills will help boost your confidence and the people around you will notice.

Learn about the company. Before the interview you would have done some research on the company. But before your first day on the job it is a good idea to find out more: the company’s history, structure, main executives…

Dress the part! Some companies have dress codes, so make sure you find out if there’s one at the company you’ll be working at. If there is no specific policy in place but employees tend to wear suits, it is a good idea to wear a suit as well. However, if there is a casual dress policy, dress accordingly but avoid extremes – nothing too flashy or too relaxed.

Don’t be late. If you want to make a good impression do not arrive late on the first day. Be punctual. If you are supposed to be at the office at 9 in the morning, don’t arrive at 9:10.

Don’t isolate yourself from your co-workers. It’s true that you still don’t know them, but it is a mistake to remain sitting in front of a computer all day. Try to socialize and strike up conversations with the people around you.

Show your willingness to learn. Show your interest in the current projects in the department and the work that you have to do. In short, be optimistic and enthusiastic about the job.

Take note of all important information. The names of co-workers, schedules, passwords, etc. anything that is essential for you to get started working on your own.

Ask about everything you don’t know. It is natural that when you start a new job you won’t be sure of all the internal procedures or who is responsible for certain tasks. In these situations, it is better to ask as many questions as necessary than to make a mistake.

Don’t be too demanding on yourself. It’s your first day, nobody expects you to be entirely up to speed or for you to be in a position to solve problems. Everyone needs a period of adaptation. Little by little you’ll be able to demonstrate your skills.

Don’t be the first one to leave the office. Arriving on time is just as important as not running out at the end of the workday. If you don’t have a large workload, ask if anyone needs help before you finish up for the day.

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