Innovation and creativity are two competences that are very much sought after by companies among their employees, since they allow them to keep a step ahead of the competition. However, people are not always able to make full use of these qualities because they have to carry out different tasks at the same time, delivery periods are short or their duties are too “mechanical”, which doesn’t give them any room to be creative.

Not being overwhelmed by day-to-day work is the key if you want to develop these competences and try to improve how you work, applying new working methods or looking for more creative solutions to possible problems.

Set out below are ten key points that you can apply to encourage a culture of innovation and creativity in the workplace:

  1. Be positive. Every problem has a solution. Keep positive and you’ll achieve your desired objective.
  2. Set yourself challenges. Having goals to meet always encourages creativity, particularly when you have less time to meet them.
  3. Question everything you’ve always believed in. The fact that something has always been done the same way doesn’t mean that this is the best way of doing it. Don’t close your mind, explore new ways of doing things, be flexible.
  4. Meet people. Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to meet people with new and different points of view, which may help you to find new ways of doing things.
  5. If you are constantly working, ideas are stifled. Always find time to disconnect from your day-to-day tasks; in any case, your mind will still continue working on them subconsciously.
  6. Have fun. Don’t always take the easy option when doing a task or resolving a problem. And try to hold meetings with a single objective, to generate ideas. So whenever a problem arises you will be able to come up with creative solutions.
  7. Encourage people to find solutions. Don’t let anyone in your team give up. Encourage them to draw up a list with all of their ideas; it’s more than likely that a solution to the problem will be among them.
  8. Read. You’ll never know enough about a subject and reading is a good way of keeping up-to-date with all the changes that are taking place. If you don’t, your knowledge will be behind the times.
  9. Don’t accept the first possible solution. Each problem has thousands of solutions. If you accept the first one that occurs to you, you’ll never know if it was the best one. Take some time to think and you’ll find more effective solutions.
  10. Don’t be scared by failure. To err is human, so don’t be afraid of getting something wrong – people learn from their mistakes and they can prove to be a source of inspiration for future ideas.


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