Are you a recent graduate looking to land your first job? Or are you still studying but want to get some work experience before graduating? Internet has become one of the main tools for job-seeking, allowing you to craft a personal and professional image of yourself that will attract recruiters. That is, it allows you to create your Personal Brand.

But, what is personal branding? There tends to be confusion as to what this term actually means. Personal branding involves identifying and communicating the features that make us stand out, be different and, ultimately, excel in a competitive environment like the labour market.

The first steps you need to take to start building your personal brand are:

  • Know yourself well: What skills do I have? What’s my educational background? What experience do I have?
  • How others see me: What are my abilities, strengths and weaknesses? What goal do I want to achieve?
  • Strategy: knowing the tools (blogs, social media) of the Internet that will allow you to market yourself is essential to developing your personal brand.

Today, social media figures prominently in our lives and it is important that you learn how to make the most of it. According to Adecco, 73% of recruiters use social media to get to know potential candidates.

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site and you should always make sure to keep your profile updated. To be successful in your job search, don’t forget to:

  • Use a high-quality photograph of yourself.
  • Write a description of your professional profile including keywords that will make it easy for recruiters to find you.
  • Be sure to include relevant information about your professional career.
  • Search for your contacts and add them to your network, and accept the contact requests you receive: the bigger your community, the more career possibilities you will have.
  • Customize the URL of your profile.
  • And, of course, join and participate in groups with similar interests to you.

Another social networking site that can help you in your goal of getting a job is Twitter. Make sure not to neglect the following:

  • Your profile must be complete and include a professional description.
  • You need to be active. Publish between 5 and 10 tweets a day, remembering to retweet, respond to any messages and favourite other tweets.
  • Share content that is related to your professional interests and those of your followers.
  • Follow people who interest you professionally.

Google searches and following social media and blogs are all part of the current workflow of recruiters. That said, another tool that can help you create, and promote, your personal brand is a blog. Be original and include graphs, images, and videos or use any techniques that will help to maximise your visibility. But always remember that the content that you create must provide value to potential readers.

And, of course, when you include new content on your blog, don’t forget to link to it on social media. Doing this will help you to boost your professional reputation.

What are you waiting for? Start building your personal brand today.

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