A decade ago Facebook had hardly any users, Twitter had just been launched and nobody had a smartphone with access to Internet. The world has changed and will go on changing – in 10 years it will be completely different to how we know it today. All of these changes affect and will continue to affect the employment market.

According to the Human Capital Index report, prepared by the World Economic Forum, 65% of the children at school today will end up doing a job that does not yet exist when they join the working world. This is due to rapid progress in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence or biotechnology, for example.

From app developers to Big Data analysts, according to the World Economic Forum the following 10 jobs did not exist a decade ago:

  1. App developer

Nowadays, most people on the planet have a Smartphone, but the iPhone entered our lives in 2007 and Android shortly afterwards. In less than a decade, Apple’s App Store has grown to more than 1.5 million apps and Android’s Google Play, 1.6 million.

  1. Social Media manager

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… none of these platforms existed a decade ago. Hence there were no job profiles such as social media manager, which is now a vital position in any company which wants engagement between its brand and its clients.

  1. Driverless car engineer

Driverless cars will be the death of professions such as taxi drivers or couriers. Yet at the same time they will create new jobs, such as engineers, mechanics, or programmers.

  1. Cloud computing specialist

If 10 years ago somebody had told you that you’d work in the cloud, you’d have called him crazy with a look of amazement. Eric Schmidt was the first person to use this term in 2006 and a decade later, it’s possible to find jobs related to the management, strategy or engineering of the cloud.

  1. Big Data analyst

The volume of data grows at over 40% per year, which means that companies want to analyse data to get to know their market, the profile of their clients or potential clients, their competition etc. Which is which Big Data analyst is one of the profiles that is most in demand at present.

  1. Sustainability manager

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for organisations. Companies are looking to take on people that help them to manage resources effectively and take eco-friendly decisions.

  1. Youtubers

Platforms for exchanging videos like Youtube have led to the rise of youtubers, with millions of followers in their channels. Companies are aware of the importance of these new stars as the perfect way to make contact with their clients or potential clients, which is why they use them in advertising, marketing or communication campaigns.

  1. Drone operator

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles is developing quickly, creating job opportunities for drone operators.

  1. Expert in the millennial generation

Millennials were at school 10 years ago. Now they are the main part of the workforce. Experts in this generation help companies to understand their motivations, expectations and so on so that they can get on well with them.

  1. Uber driver

The famous application Uber was launched in 2009 but six years later it has managed to duplicate the number of drivers in the USA alone.

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