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1 Why did you decide to register for this activity?

I was in the middle of looking for work experience before joining the working world, and I found this programme. After seeing what the Shadowing programme involved, I decided to register for it because it was something different to what companies normally offer.

Why did you decide to spend a day with a marketing executive?

Marketing has always interested me, but I never imagined working in a position related to it. I was curious to learn more about this area and I thought it was the right time to do so. I never believed that this was the best decision in my life. The OIEE gave me the opportunity to actually understand how this department works and how important it is for the functioning of a business.

In what way has participating in the Shadowing programme benefitted you?

Before participating, I wasn’t very sure how to focus my professional career. Seeing how a marketing department functions on a day-to-day basis opened my eyes to what I really like and the job I want to do.

How did you find out about the Talent Factory?

A classmate told me about it and I thought that it could be the push that I needed before starting work. I didn’t think twice before registering and before I knew it the selection process had already taken place and I formed part of a new generation of talent.

What would you highlight about this programme?

What I most liked is the range of activities that we carried out in such a short period of time. I mean, we had seminars that helped us to develop our skills, we did coaching sessions, we were presented with case studies which we had to resolve, plus there was a teamwork project. Whoever thinks that Talent Factory might be a waste of time is completely wrong – you couldn’t get more out of six months. The best thing is the very special bond that you establish with the other participants – we became a small family in which everyone was important and had something to contribute.

Do you think that Talent Factory satisfies its goal of helping young people in their professional and personal development?

Of course. Talent Factory has opened my eyes to a very different reality to that which is described to you at university. After six months of hard work, I believe that I’m ready to enter the working world.

What made you attend?

I don’t usually attend this type of events, but I was interested by the fact that four senior executives came to my university to talk about the working world with students. I am in the penultimate year of my degree and any opportunity to find out what companies are looking for is useful as it helps me plan my career.

How do you rate having participated in one of these events?

It was very positive because we received real feedback about what companies expect from us. In the lecture room we only learn theory rather than what a given position involves or what we must deal with in our day-to-day work – and this experience helps us with our training.

Would you recommend these events to your fellow students or friends?

Of course. After attending, your view of the employment market changes completely. As students, we have very little chance to be able to speak directly with executives and to express our doubts.

Why did you decide to register?

When they told me about it, I saw it as an opportunity to learn something different to what they normally teach you at university and I thought that it could open doors to me that would otherwise remain closed. I also thought that it would be a chance to meet stimulating people with similar interests to mine

How would you view your participation in the Talent Factory?

I have had the opportunity to do things that I was unaware of and discover what skills I have. I started with a lot of doubts because I did not know what was on offer but in the end, we began to form a big family in which we all learned a lot from each other, including everything that I can achieve myself. If I could repeat the experience, I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment.

What did you like the most?

The final Talent Factory project was interesting because we had the chance to go through the whole process of a product: from the conception of the idea until it reaches the market. In addition, in developing the project in teams, you also put into practice what are known as transversal skills that are so important and valued by employers.

What encouraged you to participate?

The opportunity to spend a working day with an executive seemed very interesting to me. It was the first time that I’d taken part in an activity of this type and I thought that living the experience of being a human resources manager for a few hours would help me to focus my professional career, since in a year I’d be joining the working world.

What would you highlight about the experience?

What I liked about this activity was finding myself in situations that have not been explained to us the university, such as handling crisis situations or the need to be quick and flexible given all of the situations that take place in a day. After putting myself in the shoes of a Human Resources Manager, I have a clearer idea of what will be expected of me when I start work.

How would you describe the manager with whom you shared the experience?

Somebody who was easy to get on with and natural, quite different from what we usually think of those who hold positions of responsibility. In addition, I was surprised by the great ability of him and his team to manage their time in order to meet the deadlines laid down

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Our candidates have lived a unique experience that has allowed them to grow, both socially and professionally.

These are some of the relevant data:


of young people that have participated in an OIEE activity state that they have a better idea about how to focus their professional career.


of the participants in Shadowing would repeat the experience.


of the participants in the Business University Events state that they have changed their opinion about which job they would do when they join the working world.


of the young people who have participated in the Talent Factory declare that their employability has increased as a result.