A year ago, job creation mainly benefited those over 25 years old. However, this trend has changed over the last 12 months. While the employment rate for individuals over 25 years old rose 2.7%, that for those under 25 grew 11.5%, the greatest increase recorded since 1987 according to Adecco’s 3rd Annual Employment Report: Demographic Profile of Employed Spaniards.

Even more good news for those under 25 is that 17% of the new jobs have been for them.

By gender, employment growth for women under 25 increased 13.2% (48,100 new jobs) compared with 10.1% (42,800 jobs) for men. Conversely, for those over 25 job growth was similar for men and women, with the creation of 247,800 and 206,000 jobs respectively, representing a year-on-year increase of 2.7% in both cases.

The data shows great heterogeneity across communities. Thirteen of them have shown greater growth in youth employment than the increase in the rest of the population. Employment for men under 25 years of age has increased in 11 communities, including Aragon, the Canary Islands and Navarra, while Cantabria, Murcia and Valencia have experienced increased job growth for women under 25.

On the other hand, employment figures for men over 25 have increased in 14 communities, including the Canary Islands, Castilla – La Mancha and Andalusia, while for women in the same age group, employment figures have also increased in 14 communities, with the greatest growth being recorded in Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Valencia.

The report highlights the importance of education to maximize employment opportunities. Over the last few years, the employment rate for individuals with higher education has risen compared to those with lower educational levels. Today, individuals with higher education hold 41.5% of jobs, an increase of 7.2% since 2008.

Once again, education and training are key to finding employment since the number of employed individuals with professional training has increased in 14 autonomous regions

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