The New Year is here and you’ve likely set new goals for both your professional and personal lives. Below we look at this year’s trending jobs to help you to advance your career and fulfil your professional resolutions. If you’re interested in finding out more about which profiles will be the most sought after in the Spanish labour market in 2016, be sure to read the XI Report: The Most Wanted, published by Spring Professional, Adecco Group’s hiring consultant.

It’s becoming increasingly important for new professionals to have a multidisciplinary profile, which shows that they are versatile, proactive, results-oriented and, of course, able to adapt quickly to changes. And, of course, we cannot forget to include knowledge of foreign languages among the requirements. In 2016, focusing on attracting and retaining talent will be one of the keys of company competitiveness. Given this panorama, which are the most sought after profiles?

The IT Sector: Big Data Specialist

Today, companies handle a large amount of data that must be analysed in order to propose corrective measures and identify business trends.  What degree does a big data specialist need? A degree in Engineering or Mathematics, in addition to knowledge of data management.

The Sales & Marketing Sector: Digital Business Developer

In an increasingly competitive environment, understanding the client’s needs is essential.  A Business Developer position requires professionals who are able to multitask, adapt to different environments and partners and, of course, have a strong capacity for innovation. What degree should a digital business developer have? A degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations or Administration and Business Management. Companies also value candidates who have a master’s degree in Digital Marketing.

The Finance Sector: Controller

A controller is a strategic figure who is in charge of ‘controlling’ the management of companies. The responsibilities of such a position include drawing up budgets, analysing deviations and making forecasts. Administration and Business Management, Economics, Business Administration or similar degrees are the most suitable for these positions.

In the medical sector, two types of positions will be important in 2016. The first profile that will be in high demand is that of Medical Case Manager with knowledge of foreign languages. This position is responsible for resolving incidents that patients may have while travelling abroad. The other most sought-after profile will be that of Traumatology and Orthopaedics Specialists.

Finally, in the field of science, the profiles that will be in high demand this year will be those of Analysts, Technicians and Scientists specialized in areas such as Upstream and Downstream. The main roles of these professionals are aimed at the development of biosimilar medicines. These positions require training in health sciences, specialization in the pharmaceutical industry and some knowledge of the biosimilar market.

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