You just got out of a job interview and you’re convinced that you made a great impression with the interviewer. But what’s the next step? Do you wait with arms crossed for them to call you? The answer is no. Your work doesn’t end with the interview; you have to follow up.

It’s a mistake to think that, when you leave the interviewer’s office, your search for an internship or your first job has ended. You must follow up the interview. Doing so will demonstrate your interest in the position. Just make sure you’re not too persistent. Find below the OIE’s recommendations for post-interview follow-ups:

Application Process Stages. It’s important that you understand exactly what stage of the selection process you’re at. Before the end of the interview, make sure you know what stage you’re at and the amount of time they plan to devote to looking for a candidate. If the interviewer doesn’t provide you with this information, don’t be afraid to ask.

After the interview, assess how you did.  Review the interview, the questions you were asked, your answers… this way you’ll realize what aspects you have to improve or strengthen in future interviews.

Thank the interviewer. Very few candidates send a thank-you letter after an interview. So, if you do, you’ll set yourself apart from the other candidates. The thank-you letter should be brief, cordial, reaffirm your interest for the job, and, of course, thank the interviewer for their time and consideration.

Connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid of connecting with the person who interviewed you on social media. You can take advantage of the request to connect and thank them for having taken the time to interview you.

Call. If a reasonable amount of time has passed after the interview and you haven’t received a response, call. Don’t leave yourself in any doubt about the outcome of the selection process. But remember the call should be brief and polite.

And most importantly, if you haven’t been chosen for the position, always take away the positive side of any interview: you can learn to do better in the next opportunity you have.

The call you’re waiting for will come!

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