No one has ever said that writing a résumé is easy. While there is no such thing as the perfect résumé, you have to be mindful of some mistakes that will make recruiters drop you as a potential candidate for a job. Below you will find out what you should and shouldn’t include in your résumé.

If we were to ask recruiters what the most common mistakes they see on résumés, it is likely to be that candidates neglect to focus on two key characteristics of a good CV: being clear and concise. Some people mistakenly believe that being clear and concise means not providing relevant information from their profile, i.e. what work they did in other positions or which departments they had the opportunity to work in.

But this is only one of the common mistakes made on résumés. Here are the 10 most common that you should be aware of and avoid:

  1. Not organizing information.This makes it difficult for the recruiter to find the information that he/she is interested in. Before you write your résumé, find out about the different types and choose the one which best suits you.
  2. Including irrelevant information.Cut the fluff. In other words, avoid empty words and sentences. These will only make the recruiter lose interest and stop reading your résumé.
  3. Too long. A résumé that is too long will make the recruiter prefer to look at others’ résumés than read yours. The same goes for a résumé that’s too short since the recruiter will be missing relevant information about your career. 
  4. Including too much personal information.Before providing personal information, think about what you want to include. Certain information, such as hobbies, may result in your candidature for the post being rejected.
  5. Not providing your contact details.If there is one essential piece of information that must be included on your résumé it’s a way to contact you. Your contact details must be in a place that the recruiter can locate quickly and easily. Make sure they are correct!
  6. Spelling mistakes and typographical errors. Avoid spelling mistakes as they will give the impression of someone who is careless and lacks interest in their work.
  7. A résumé that’s too flashy. Wanting your résumé to stand out from the others is the goal, but if you use too many colours, an extravagant design or an inappropriate font you will end up diverting the recruiter’s attention away from what really matters, which is your training and experience.
  8. Having only one résumé. You must adapt your résumé to each job offer you apply for or each company you send it to. Not all job posts require the same skills and qualities.
  9. Not highlighting career successes. We’re all proud of some of the projects or experiences we’ve had throughout our careers. Don’t forget to include them. If you neglect to do so, recruiters will end up considering others who have included them in their profile.
  10. Send your résumé to the right person.If you send your résumé to someone who is not part of the selection process, it is likely to end up in the trash before even being read.

Take note of these mistakes. Then review your résumé -and review it again- to make sure you avoid them!

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