Being happy at work is vital for employees since the workplace is where we spend most of our time during the day. Enjoying our jobs, having a good working environment and colleagues and receiving a good salary are some of the key factors when finding happiness at work.

On the occasion of International Happiness Day, which is held on 20 March, Adecco decided to find out the companies which, according to Spaniards, satisfy all of the conditions that guarantee an optimum working environment. Of these companies, seven are members of the OIE: Acciona, BMW, Coca-Cola, Endesa, IKEA, L´Oreal and Repsol.

According to the II Adecco Survey on the Best Bosses and the Happiest Companies, 50.3% of the Spaniards consulted think that the happiest company to work for is Google, followed by L´Oreal (49.4%) and Apple (46.8%)

As far as different sectors are concerned,L´Oréal is th e company which most people want to work for in the cosmetics sector, and second in the overall ranking of companies, according to 49.4% of employees. It is followed by Shiseido and Clinique, with 29.3% and 24.6%, respectively.

Within the home and leisure equipment distribution sector, Amazon is the company which four out of every ten people surveyed state that they would be happy to work for, followed by IKEA, with 36.8%; and El Corte Inglés, with 30.8%.

The largest agrofood company in the world, Nestlé, is the company most sought after in the food and drinks sector, since almost four out of ten of those surveyed said they would be happiest working for it. The multinational Coca-Cola scored second highest (34.9%), while Danone, with 30%, came third.

For its part, ADIF is the main infrastructure and construction company where Spanish employees would be happiest working, as 31.9% of those surveyed stated. It was followed by Acciona, with 30.5%; and Ferrovial, with 21.6% of the votes.

Of the energy companies, the one which obtained the highest percentage of those surveyed was Repsol, which accounted for 35.6% of the votes, followed by Iberdrola (29.1%) and Endesa (26.9%).

Four out of ten Spaniards (40.6%) consider that BMW would be the ideal automotive company to work for. Second place went to Mercedes, with 36.7% of the votes, while Volkswagen came third, with 24.9%.

In addition, Adecco asked who Spaniards thought were the ideal bosses to work for. On this occasion, those chosen were the tennis player Rafa Nadal, the singer and presenter Bertín Osborne and Dani Rovira, the actor from Malaga.

As regards the values attributed to these individuals which made them highly rated as bosses for whom people would like to work for, in the case of Nadal, these were his desire to improve, his sense of fair play, his fighting spirit and also his humbleness and integrity. When it comes to defining the leadership qualities of Bertín Osborne and Dani Rovira, sense of humour and empathy were rated more highly than professionalism or the level of success achieved, which are also among the values attributed to a good boss.

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