For many students who are finishing their degree or are recent graduates, having the chance to do an internship is a unique opportunity to acquire professional experience and to go from theoretical to practical hands-on learning. This experience allows them to learn first-hand about the internal operations of companies, compare their knowledge and skills with the profiles companies are looking, and even to define their professional aspirations.

Doing an internship at a company is key to completing your training and has many advantages. Would you like to know what they are? Read on to find out:

  • You will gain experience: Nowadays it is practically a prerequisite when it comes to getting a job. An internship will provide you with your initial contact with the world of work and allow you to see how it works and to find out more about your chosen profession.
  •  You will learn skills, attitudes and knowledge related to the world of work
  • You will direct your professional career towards the area of specialisation that interests you within your field of study and you will better understand the ins and outs of your profession.
  •  You will make contacts: You’ll be able to market yourself and establish new contacts that may prove very useful in the future when you’re looking for work or they may even consider you in future selection processes at the company you’re interning at.
  • You will improve your CV: Having done an internship is the perfect complement to your professional training and increases your chances of getting a job.

 At the OIE we know how important work experience is for students like you and we want to help you to begin your professional career successfully. That’s why we encourage you to take part in the OIE Premium programme. OIE Premium is a unique 6-month internship programme in three different companies.

What is our goal?

The ultimate goal of this initiative is for you to learn about different working methods and business dynamics within the roles you plan to pursue in your professional career, and, so, facilitating your adaptation to different organizational models and sectors.

In addition, during the six-month programme, human resources experts will track and assess your skills development in order to analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t hesitate. Sign up now on our website to participate in the OIE Premium work experience programme.

The future of your career starts now!

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