When you start looking for your first internship or job, you need to be proactive. Not only should you apply for published offers, but you should also send your résumé to companies you’re interested in even though they aren’t publicly looking to fill any current positions.

While you may think otherwise, this tends to be the most common practice among job-seekers. If you want to maximise your chances of success, follow our advice:

Company Selection

You shouldn’t be blindly submitting your résumé to every company you find. You need to select those at which you would like to work provided your profile is a fit. If you are studying veterinary medicine, don’t send your résumé to a company, say for example in the fashion industry, which you know does not require that kind of profile.

Adapt Your Résumé

Once you have selected several companies, research what they do and adapt your résumé and cover letter. Remember that you should send a personalized CV and cover letter, highlighting the areas of your skills and experience which may be of most interest to the company in question.

Find out which department or who is in charge of human resources or recruiting

If you want to prevent your résumé from being overlooked, it is important to do research first to find out who is in charge of the selection process at the company or in a specific department and send your résumé to that person.

Watch the tone and style of your application

When you submit your résumé, don’t leave it up to the recruiter to decide whether your profile is a fit. You need to explain in your email why they should hire you. Remember to avoid using aggressive language and empty words and to proofread before sending to catch any spelling or grammar mistakes.

You should also use an appropriate e-mail account. It is important to have an e-mail address that transmits professionalism as quirky addresses tend to convey a lack of maturity. Try to use your name in the address.

Another aspect that you need to pay attention to is the subject of the e-mail. Don’t use phrases like “for the attention of the human resources department”. It’s best to include a description of your profile and the city where you’re looking for work. For example, “HP Economist – Madrid and the surrounding area”.

And most importantly, don’t forget to include your contact details!

Start submitting your résumé today and remember that
the only real failure is the failure to try!


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