Should I pursue a more traditional field of study or choose a degree based on the career opportunities it offers? This is the question that many students ask each year when they start the university. The reality is that, when deciding what to study, students tend to choose the former, which makes finding a job upon graduation more challenging. According to the OECD, many students graduate with degrees that are not well suited to the needs of today´s labour market.

In addition, the “OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report: Building an Effective Skills Strategy for Spain” found that Spain has few university graduates with high levels of skills needed to meet the demands of the labour market. The OECD defines skills as “the bundle of knowledge, attributes and capacities that can be learned and that enable individuals to successfully and consistently perform an activity or task, and that can be built upon and extended through learning”. According to the OECD, the core competencies that university students lack are practical skills, such as communication, ability to learn and team work.

This skills gap has made it more difficult for young people to enter today´s labour market.

Viable solutions must be found to change this and the OIE would like to help to improve the current situation.

The 25 companies that make up the OIE aim to address the differences between the perspectives of the business world and those of students preparing to enter the workforce. The OIE’s objective is to help students like you to enter the labour market. To this end, we are carrying out several activities that will help you to develop your professional skills and boost your career development:

OIE Premium: our unique paid work-experience programme that allows students to learn how the same department works in three different companies.

Shadowing: an innovative learning technique that allows participants to learn more about the duties of a manager of a large company.

Open-door days: guided visits to companies that allow participants to experience first-hand how they are organized and how their different departments work.

University-business conferences:  attendees will learn first-hand from four experts from the business world what the day-to-day activities at a company are like, what skills they need, what future workers should prepare for, etc.

Employment Orientation Workshops: personalized working sessions where a recruitment specialist will provide guidelines for job-seeking and career development.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in our activities.

The future of your career depends on you!

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