The European Commission has published the third report in their annual Education and Training Monitor series which assesses the evolution of the education and training systems in Europe. The report is divided into three sections: investment in education and training and the reasons for it; qualifications and competences as a measure of learning outcomes; and the education policy levers for improving learning outcomes for everyone and strengthening returns on investment in education.

The findings of the report by area of analysis include:

The case for education

  1. Resources and reforms that ensure strong education performance are needed
  2. The focus on employability must be strengthened within educational institutions
  3. Education must live up to its full potential to proactively avoid any form of discrimination and social exclusion, and to provide opportunities for all students

Qualifications and competences: a key outcome of education

  1. Decreasing the number of early leavers from education and training will save Europe social costs and protect individuals who are at great risk of poverty and social exclusion.
  2. In higher education, the challenges are broadening access and reducing drop-out rates among disadvantaged groups.
  3. Policy actions are needed to reduce low achievement in key basic competences
  4. For people to thrive in a modern and evolving labour market education must equip them with transversal skills.

Educational policy instruments for building growth

  1. Improve the quality and inclusiveness of pre-primary and compulsory education by targeting the most disadvantaged groups, strengthening initial teacher education, providing continuing professional development for teachers and exploiting the potential of innovative pedagogies and digital tools.
  2. Improving the quality and relevance of higher education, vocational training, work-based learning and apprenticeships through, for example, the use of labour market forecasting, career guidance and graduate tracking surveys.
  3. Promote, facilitate and encourage lifelong learning after initial education, and ensure that learning outcomes are transparent and easily recognized across Europe.

You can read the full report here.

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