Training tools for curriculum development: a resource pack

Created by UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education, the “Resource Pack” is a training tool which aims to support specialists and professionals involved in curriculum reform and development processes, i.e. the educational process.

Defining what, how and why students should learn is essential for developing a comprehensive and effective curriculum. That is why the Resource Pack includes eight modules that cover a wide range of factors and dimensions that should be taken into account to improve the quality of the processes and products related to education: from Curriculum Change and Design or the Development of Textbooks and Teaching and Learning Materials to Processes of Curriculum Implementation and Student Assessment and Curriculum Evaluation.

The Resource Pack also includes key curricular concepts, a wide array of learning activities to support curriculum development and reform, as well as analyses and case studies from different regions of the world which provide various approaches, strategies and practices for curriculum development.

The “Resource Pack” was initially tested as a training resource in the United Republic of Tanzania (Africa), Uruguay (Latin America) and Bhutan (Asia). Since these pilot trainings, it has been used as a tool for organizing long-term accredited postgraduate courses in curriculum design and development in collaboration with universities and education institutes.

The “Resource Pack” is the key instrument used by the International Bureau of Education in different regions of the world to define the competencies of the stakeholders who are involved in curriculum reform and development at different levels within the education system.

If you would like to read the entire document, you can download it here.

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