Recently, the IV Infoemployment Report – Adecco on Social Networks and the Employment Market was published. This report examines in detail the effect of social media as a job-finding tool on both human resources departments and candidates looking for work in Spain.

According to this report, the number of users who have applied for a position that they found out about through social networks has increased by 33% with respect to 2011, when the first report was published, while in the last year this figure has reached 76%.

Although the employment portals are still the option chosen by 99% of candidates actively looking for work in Spain, social networks have consolidated their position as supplementary tools in job searches, being consulted by 83% of those interviewed for this study. And while the main reason for having a profile on social networks is to contact and communicate with friends and/or families (84%), 69% now also use them for professional reasons.

LinkedIn has confirmed its position as the best social network for finding a job, with a 72% acceptance rating among candidates, followed by Facebook (56%) and Twitter (38%). In addition, LinkedIn is also the favourite social network (64%) for those who want to publicise the fact that they are actively looking for work.

According to the IV Infoemployment Report, although 95% of human resources managers mainly continue to use job portals when looking for candidates, they recognise the importance of social networks in selection processes, since these allow them to find out information about prospective employees’ day-to-day lives and how they present themselves to others.

In the last year, 9 out of 10 companies have used this medium for recruitment purposes (87%), compared to 49% who did so in 2011. In addition, 69% of the companies surveyed stated that the candidate who is active on social networks has more employment opportunities. But it is important that they present themselves correctly and that they work on their personal branding, since 28% of companies state that they have rejected candidates based on their activity on these channels. The social network profiles most consulted by HR managers are (61.5%), LinkedIn (60%) and Twitter (35.3%).

However, despite the importance given to social networks, 60% of those surveyed do not think that recruitment through social media has replaced other forms of hiring staff.


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