OIE Premium is a unique work-experience programme that will allow participants to acquire global and in-depth knowledge of the activities of different companies.

I am a university/VET centre:

To immerse young people in the business world, the OIE has designed OIE Premium, a special work-experience programme, which will give students access to different posts in the member companies.

For six months, selected students will carry out paid internships in the same department at three different companies, spending two months in each one.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is for students to learn about the different working methods and business dynamics within the roles they plan to pursue in their professional careers. This immersion programme will facilitate their adaptation to different organizational models and sectors.

In addition, during the six-month programme, human resources experts will track and assess participants’ skills development in order to analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are interested in having your students participate in the OIE Premium programme, please contact us.

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