1. Analyse major international trends

International trends will be observed and analysed, studying what is happening in the rest of the world, through research, development and innovation projects and programmes.

2. Examine the various aspects of the labour market

One of these aspects will be the relationship between education (university and vocational education and training) and the labour market, productivity and its definition.

3. Propose measures

The OIE aims to involve political, academic and business institutions, as well as workers and the unemployed, in order to solve existing problems in the labour market through publications and the development of resources.

4. Promote benchmarking meetings

The purpose is for all OIE member companies to share best practices, measures and programmes that promote successful and sustainable job creation. Through outreach activities, such as conferences and seminars, OIE member companies will exchange experiences and discuss key projects.

5. Periodic theme-based research

Periodically, a specific theme related to the labour market will be analysed and subsequent actions will be developed based on the findings.