Now that 2016 is here it is a good time to take a moment to review the past year and define what your work goals will be for the next 366 days. Perhaps to… finish your degree and land your first job? Find your first internship? Add work experience to your résumé? Study English or improve your IT skills?

If you want to achieve your work objectives for this year, take note of the following advice from the OIE:

Think about the job searches you did last year. Reflect on what you did and didn’t do to look for work or internships. If you didn’t achieve your goals, you might need to change the way in which you are conducting the search. Start by reviewing your résumé, identifying any potential errors or empty words and adding any new information. Did you include a cover letter when you applied for job offers? If you didn’t, do so.

Review the interviews you had and the comments from the interviewers. This should allow you to identify aspects you neglected to consider or mistakes you made during the interview. Being aware of these points will help you build confidence and improve your performance in future interviews.

Draw up a new job-search plan. Take advantage of the enthusiasm and energy that the new year brings to organize your job search. But remember that it may take days or weeks until you find work or an internship, so you must be patient!

Do you need to improve your skills or knowledge? This is a good time to take an IT, language or social-skills course that will improve your chances of landing a job. Remember that companies value very positively that you are concerned about your education and that you continue studying after university or vocational training. In addition, by doing so, you will stand out from the rest of the candidates who have a career and experience similar to yours.

Learn along the way. Achieving the goal you’ve set won’t always be easy, but you should enjoy it because every interview, job offer you apply for or cover letter you write can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your skills. This will allow you to “sell” yourself better and also help you to learn more about the job market, which can be very useful for defining your professional career.

Happy New Year from the OIE. May you achieve all the goals you set for yourself in 2016!

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