Most interviewees don’t know what to say when asked why a company should hire them for an internship, even if there really is no right or wrong answer. Why? Because they haven’t prepared for the interview.

Preparing for an interview is key to landing an internship. It is the moment in which the recruiter gets to know the candidates, and it’s questions such as ‘why should we hire you as an intern?’ which will make them favour one candidate over another.

Although it is one of the most feared interview questions, there isn’t one right answer. Recruiters ask this question not to find out the advantages or disadvantages of hiring you, but to give you the chance to show them why they should choose you rather than another candidate.

So, the best answer to the question will be a combination of the following:

  • Confidence: if you don’t feel confident about yourself in an interview, why would the recruiter? Go into the interview confident and show them that you have the skills to perform the tasks required by the post. Highlight all of your strengths that match the requirements of the post and give specific examples. If they are looking for a decisive person, tell them about a situation in which you proposed a creative solution to a problem. Or if what they want is a person who knows how to work on a team, describe a previous experience you had and explain what the advantages of working on a team are.
  • Enthusiasm: highlight your strengths and the opportunities you see in the internship position, what motivated you to apply for the internship or why you think you are the perfect fit it. But, be careful! Don’t confuse enthusiasm with despair. Your goal should be to focus not on getting hired, but rather on what skills you can contribute to the role that the other candidates can’t.

Do your best to not appear egocentric during the interview. Focusing your answer on you or on your previous experiences, whether good or bad, is a mistake that you should avoid. You can briefly compare your last work experience and the post you’d like to be hired for, but don’t let this be the focus of your answer.

You now have the keys to preparing the perfect answer for one of the most important interview questions! Review your résumé, your strengths and the requirements for the internship you want and prepare your best answer. You can be the next candidate to land the job!

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