Family, friends or your partner…these are the people with whom we like to spend time, but in fact most of the day we are at our work desk, with our colleagues.

Faced with this situation, we must try to be happy at work, something that mainly depends on you. You are responsible for transforming negative feelings into positive ones and making going to work an enjoyable experience. If most of our time is spent at work, why not try to make sure that it is worth going every day?

Here are five key points which will help you be happier at work:

  1. Positive attitude. Happiness is contagious and being with positive people creates a positive environment. Try to surround yourself with people that transmit positive energy.
  2. Interact well with your colleagues. You spend a lot of time with them so try to ensure that you have a good relationship with them; don’t refuse them a smile or a pat on the back when you are with them.
  3. Be happy by choice. Don’t wait until they raise your salary or change your boss. Your wishes may be a long way from coming true and you will become anxious and frustrated if they never happen.
  4. Be grateful. Never forget to say thank you to anyone who helps you at work. Such an attitude will encourage your colleagues to work with you in the future.
  5. Don’t complain. If you don’t like something, don’t moan about it constantly because things won’t change by themselves. If you think something is not working, do something to change it!
  6. Think in the present. Enjoy the day-to-day working life without worrying about the future; it’s the only way to be less anxious.
  7. Be brave. We have all been afraid at some time in our lives of not being able to do something. But on many occasions this fear disappears when you take the first step. Be brave and you’ll be surprised of what you can do.
  8. Don’t try to blame others. If something has gone wrong, don’t waste time blaming others. Seize the opportunity, take responsibility for your actions and try to find the best solution.
  9. Don’t criticise. Don’t waste time criticising your colleagues because you won’t achieve anything. Try to identify those points that will make you more useful when you work with them.
  10. Take a break. Although you love your job and you are highly motivated, your body and mind need to switch off. Do sport, read or go out with your friends; whatever it takes to take a deserved break from your day-to-day working life.
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