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Bridging the Gap between Young People and the World of Work

Through initiatives of varying duration, our aim is to inform young people about the business world. Tailored to the realities of the new generations, these initiatives will teach young people about how companies operate, what they value, what they look for and how they identify candidates.

OIE Premium

OIE Premium is a unique work-experience programme that will allow participants to acquire global and in-depth knowledge of the activities of different companies.


Shadowing is an innovative learning technique that allows participants to learn more about the duties of a manager of a large company.

University-Business Conference

The aim of this initiative is to bring together students, who are finishing their schooling at vocational education and training (VET) institutions and public and private universities, and the business world.

Open-Door Days

Open-door days are guided visits to OIE member companies that allow participants to experience first-hand how they are organized and how their different departments work.

Employment Orientation Workshops

 These workshops are personalized working sessions where a recruitment specialist will provide guidelines for job-seeking and career development.